Adventure Armored Mixed Reality Racing Vehicles RC Off-Road Car Toy

Adventure Armored Mixed Reality Racing Vehicles RC Off-Road Car Toy

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Main Features:
● Machine Vision – can identify the timing gate in reality;
● Mixed Reality – interactive game objects are superimposed on the real world to provide a racing experience like a video game;
● Ultra-small Size – only 6.5cm in length, can be played anywhere, not restricted by the venue;
● 720P First-view Camera – can take pictures and videos;
● Powerful Exclusive Phone APP – provides functions such as championship, driving, vehicle tuning, photo and video management, and tutorials;
● Panoramic Cockpit – wear a VR helmet and enjoy an immersive driving experience;
● 2D Virtual Co-pilot – UNI sister provides voice tutorials, vehicle management and chat;
● Multiple Control Methods – 2D interface can use virtual joystick, gravity sensor, panoramic cockpit can use head motion control;
● Proportional Throttle and Steering – delicate control feel, support for feel adjustment and deviation correction;
● Remote Control Lights – can explore the dark environment, but also can race at night;
● Powerful Off-road Performance – the crawler mechanism driven by the planetary gearbox provides the super torque required for off-road racing;
● Long Battery Life – up to 40 minutes of battery life, USB charging, convenient and safe.





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