Non-contact Infrared Sensor Mobile Phone Thermometer for Android System

Non-contact Infrared Sensor Mobile Phone Thermometer for Android System

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Main Features:
Non-contact one-second quick test, safe and secure to use
When measuring the temperature with the forehead, in order to obtain more accurate data, please try to measure the temperature within 1~8cm of the middle of the eyebrow.

Small size, worry-free temperature measurement
Adopt thermopile sensor, collect data 100 times per second, increase the ambient temperature compensation algorithm, fully reduce the error, and effectively sense the 0.1°C temperature change

APP temperature measurement data automatic recording
The temperature measurement data is automatically saved, and the temperature measurement data can be viewed at any time, and the data can be exported according to personal needs, which is convenient for body temperature registration and traceability.

Small and portable
Lightweight, easy to carry, good for home travel. The temperature measurement only needs to be connected to the mobile phone, eliminating the trouble of charging and replacing the battery.

Plug and play, no battery required
The data display is more intuitive, and you can see the change every 0.1°C
Check the temperature measurement data on the mobile phone APP, the screen is large, the numbers are clear, and the temperature measurement can be realized in 1 second, which is clear at a glance

Temperature measurement data export
Scientifically record data, eliminating the trouble of manual recording.

Scientific feeding
Monitor food temperature when feeding milk and complementary foods

Take a bath at ease
No glass tube, to avoid damage to children due to external forces during use

Temperature measurement records, guarantee of school start
Go to school / go home after school to take a measurement, check the temperature of children at any time, temperature measurement data can also be exported in real time as needed.

Daily temperature measurement
Communicate in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and can sense temperature changes in time, which is convenient for the elderly and children to add or remove clothing.

Type-C charging port design for linking cell phone, just download the app ‘Girnar’ freely from QR code and begin to measure.
ONLY replacement for OTG function Android phone system and supported operation interface rotation after your phone interface auto-rotation is set.
1-second temperature measurement. You can press the switch on operation interface or phone volume adjustable button for measuring.
Unlimited data can be recorded and saved. And the data can be shared with your families and friends.
Unit ℃ / ℉ changeable freely for meeting diverse needs.
Mini and lightweight design, it is ergonomic design, comfortable to handle.
It can also measure object temperature.

Item type: Thermometer
Material: PC
Color: White
App name: Girnar
Measuring distance: 10mm-80mm
Measuring hour: 1 second
Measure range:
Object: 0-100 ℃
Body: 33-43 ℃
Working temperature: 10-40 ℃
Working humidity: Storage temperature: -20 ℃ -50 ℃
Memory groups: Unlimited

1. ONLY replacement for OTG function Android phone system.
2. Supported operation interface rotation after your phone interface auto-rotation is set and you should set the OTG function if is replacement for OPPO / VIVO phone it.

Support Phone type: Mobile APP Andrews type c language interface: English body temperature range





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