F30070M Astronomical Telescope Monocular with Tripod

F30070M Astronomical Telescope Monocular with Tripod

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Main Features:
Multiple functions
3 times Barov mirror
High-definition anti-reflection optical technology, convenient for you to search for targets

Wide range of applications
Observe astronomical wonders and enjoy the beautiful scenery

Wide-angle eyepiece
Large wide-angle high-definition eyepiece design, without any dispersive light damage to vision, viewing more extensively, bright, without chromatic aberration.

Focusing wheel
Adopt adjustment design, pulley mode design, clear focus

The tripod is designed with an environmentally friendly and lightweight aluminum alloy tripod, which is very convenient to go out in life

Zenith mirror
48° just like the edges and corners, designed for your cervical spine to bend and comfortable.

Advantage analysis
Allows you to enjoy the fun of astronomy at low cost
Enhance interest in learning, use astronomical telescopes to intuitively learn astronomical knowledge, broaden your horizons, increase knowledge, and enhance your interest in learning
Increase the interaction between parents and children, entertaining and entertaining, and improve their hands-on ability, responsiveness and creativity

About function:
This is a round island where you can see the moon. Tripod height: 38CM.
About configuration:
The focal length is 300mm, the aperture is 70mm, and two eyepieces: H6 (for daytime viewing) and H20 (for viewing the moon at night), and a 3 x Ballov lens.
Regarding multiples:
Equipped with eyepieces: H6mm, H20mm, the multiples are: 300/6=50 times, 300/20=15 times. If you choose a 3 times Ballov mirror, the multiplier is 50X3=150 times, 15X3=45 times;
Calculation formula:
Objective lens focal length / eyepiece focal length * several times Ballov’s multiple = maximum magnification
Objective lens focal length/eyepiece focal length = magnification
Installation sequence:
Support the tripod first. Then install the lens barrel. After the lens barrel is fixed, install a star finder (used to initially find the target object) on the lens barrel, and then install the eyepiece (choose 1 from 2 eyepieces). After finding the big target, adjust it with different eyepieces. Note: The first time you use it, you must be patient and patient! The possibility of astronomical damage is very, very small, not to mention that every telescope has been strictly inspected before we release it.
● Of course, the multiple is not the only one, it mainly depends on the comprehensive factors such as aperture and focal length.
● When using a 3 x Ballov mirror, install the Ballov mirror first, and then install the eyepiece.
(To install the Ballov lens, you need to remove the cover on the device where the eyepiece is installed.)
Note: 2 eyepieces (H6mm, H20mm) can only choose one to install at the same time

Model: F30070M
Clear aperture: 70mm (2.4″)
Focal length: 300mm.f/4
Oblique mirror: 90°
Latitude and longitude table and aluminum tripod
Maximum height: 38cm
Standard 0.965 inch accessories include:
Eyepiece: H6mm, H20mm 3 times Ballov lens
Maximum magnification: 150 times (objective lens focal length/eyepiece focal length * several times Ballov’ s magnification = maximum magnification)





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